Margarita Mentes


Κάτοχος Διδακτορικού


έως 40 ετών

Ίδρυμα Σπουδών: 

Πανεπιστήμιο Ευρώπης

Μαθήματα που παραδίδω: 

If you are shy to speak
If you need English language competence for your job
If you plan to study or move to an English-speaking country
If you want to advance some language skill (e.g. Speaking, Phonetics etc)

It will be my pleasure to help you reach your linguistic goals!


Hello there!
My name is Margarita.
I have a Canadian-Russian bilingual background: I have been speaking 2 languages since I was a child. As long as I can remember, I have wanted to help others. Therefore, I have chosen a career of becoming a highly qualified Teacher and I love my job!

Απευθύνομαι σε: 

Μαθητές Λυκείου, Φοιτητές, Φοιτητές Μεταπτυχιακού, Διδακτορικούς, Ξενόγλωσσους Μαθητές

Γιατί κάποιος να με προτιμήσει: 


I combine various teaching methods as every single student requires an individual approach.
For each of my students / groups I develop a personalized study-program adapted to the needs, interests, time availability and study-manner.
I continually develop my professional skills.
I am a highly qualified teacher.
My students and I work as a TEAM towards our common goals.
I always try to conduct my classes in the most interesting, engaging, positive & effective way possible.
I provide all the necessary materials for our classes
I have many years of teaching experience using the best online tools available!

Επαγγελαμτική Εμπειρία: 


PhD in Pedagogics (2010)
MA in Linguistics (2006)
BA in Linguistics (2004)


International House Certificate in Online Teaching (2016)
IELTS preparation course for teachers (2013)
Cambridge Young Learner Extension to CELTA (2012)
Very Young Learners Course Certificate (2012)
CELTA (2009)


After graduating in 2004 with a degree in Linguistics, I've been teaching English at diverse institutions, such as: Universities, a Medical Research Centre, International Language Schools, in distance-education, and of course, as a private tutor.

These 12 years of professional development have given me valuable experience of working with various types of learners of all levels and with different educational goals.

NB Please note that I am currently teaching ONLINE ONLY.

Μαθήματα μέσω SKYPE: 

Παραδίδω και μέσω SKYPE.

Εάν ναι, ποια είναι η τιμή ανά ώρα;: 

με 20ευρώ/ώρα


  • Προσωπικές σημειώσεις
  • Φροντιστηριακές σημειώσεις
  • Χρήση εξωσχολικών βοηθημάτων
  • Διδασκαλία σε group


Margarita Mentes
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